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Read the Scared Stiff Review by Forris Day, Jr.

"I have had the honor to use Gorilla for a whole production now, and I can't write a more glowing review. I had a breeze of a time taking my script from initial read to a wholly organized production with such amazing support functions like keeping all contact info, schedules of actors, etc. And even further than all that, I came in under budget thanks to the fantastic attention to detail of all budgetary matters within the Budget Module. It links up to Gorilla Ratebook, making the dreaded book of numbers super easy to follow. The help menus have also provided great help when I was stuck on something, and that kind of resource is quite helpful when under the gun. From a Producer's stand point, this wonderful piece of programming is a one stop shop of all things organizational to the filmmaking process, and it leaves more time to be creative. This filmmaking tool really does help to do the mundane legwork of making a movie feel like you're doing strides twice as long."

-Jordan Woodall Producer/Director of Zompocalypse Now!

"I have to admit, yours is the only program out there that has professionally tightly integrated budget and scheduling and most of all the other needed tasks for the filmmaker or videographer.Not only that, you've been able to add features that no other production software has. With Gorilla, you and your team have achieved a premier program that is now the benchmark for all production software."

- Dan Merrill, 3 Angel Media

"Not only is Gorilla all I use, it's all I need to take my production from pre-production to festival!. I have been using Gorilla from the beginning and the latest version is certainly the BEST so far -- all the changes I've wanted to be included are there, and more!"

- Ty Donaldson, Buddha-Cowboy Productions

"Gorilla offers precise, detailed control over budgeting, scheduling, cast and crew, allowing more time for bigger decisions like how to make a limited budget look like millions. People should get past the magic and into the green of the Jungle and use Gorilla!"

- Wayne Bateman, Happy Walter Productions

"Every aspect of pre-production and production management is covered. The new user interface is attractive and comfortable to use, and is a major enhancement of an already fine suite of tools, with an increased ease of moving between modules. The modules themselves have been improved with a myriad of details that experienced Gorilla users will greatly appreciate, and new users will certainly enjoy. If you've been waiting to explore the production value that Gorilla can provide, wait no longer. Gorilla is a five-star success."

- Paul E. Clinco, The Domino Theatre, Inc.

"I have been using Gorilla since the beginning and have not used anything else since! As a filmmaker who has to wear a lot of hats, a program like Gorilla really lays it all out in a simple but professional way so that my crew and I always know where we are in the project. We have used Gorilla on everything from feature films to commercials and budgets from shoestring to substantial. I highly recommend this product to everyone from students up to working professionals. Jungle Software listens to the users and are constantly are upgrading the product and adding the features that we ask for."

- Tony Mark, Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker/Editor

"Gorilla is an invaluable production tool for just about anyone who needs to get a hold on their production. It's faster, more intuitive, and better organized than previous versions. The current version allows me to organize a complicated production and distribute the information usefully and meaningfully across a broad variety of reports and schedules. Simply put in internet parlance, this program is teh awesome! No matter what part or level of the production process you're involved with, Gorilla 5 can help you do your job better and more quickly. It's a serious tool for serious content creators."

- Scott Bruffey, Strange Weather Pictures




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