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Comparing Chimpanzee and Gorilla
1. Import Screenplay

Accepts the .fdx and .sex file format from Final Draft 10 and below and Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 and below.

2. Import Celtx

Gorilla imports a screenplay written in the Celtx desktop version.

3. Scene/Cast Call Sheet

Generate industry-standard call sheet for cast and crew, including scenes and elements.

4. Category Management

Ability to create unlimited number of categories for elements and add color and text formatting to categories for easy management.

5. Manage Elements

Enter elements such as Props, Costumes, Set Dressing, etc. Attach pictures to elements and attach elements to scenes.

6. Cast & Crew Call Times

Ability to add cast and crew call times for each shoot day.

7. Drag and Drop Scenes

Instead of a Stripboard, Chimpanzee displays scenes on cards which can be dragged and dropped for a shoot day. Multiple sorts for different scenarios can be saved.

8. Stripboard

Full featured drag and drop stripboard, including the ability to sort the board by multiple criteria, auto-add day breaks using a shoot day to scene ratio, insert banners for notes, move unwanted strips to a boneyard, and saving multiple boards. Ability to see the entire production on the board.

9. Sync Screenplay

Ability to import a modified screenplay written in Final Draft’s FDX file format.


10. Sync Schedule

Ability to import a modified screenplay schedule file from another user.

11. Show Screenplay

Display the screenplay on the screen.

12. Production Phases

Create multiple phases for your schedule which include shoot days and non-shoot days for pre-production planning, meetings, and rehearsals.

13. Merge Breakdown Sheets

Ability to merge breakdown sheets so that all elements scheduled for that scene/breakdown sheet combine onto one breakdown sheet.

14. Print Industry-Standard Breakdown Sheets  
15. Link Elements

Ability to link elements together then add them to breakdown sheets with one click.

16. Day out of Days

Ability to run a Day out of Days report for any element, including Cast Members, Props, etc. This shows you all days an element is needed for production in an Industry-Standard DOOD report.

17. SAG/Exhibit G Information

Ability to add meal times, travel times, dismiss on set times, and forced calls for actors.

18. Daily Production Report Information

Ability to enter rehearsal, camera days, set-ups, script, picture, sound, vehicles, equipment, and much more DPR information for each shoot day

19. Call Sheet Extras/Detail

Ability to enter first and aft shot information, last shot and camera/crew wrap times, parking and hospital information, atmosphere and stand-ins, and weather information for each shoot day. (Chimpanzee can export to Koala Call Sheets to get this information - see next item).

20. Export to Koala Call Sheets

Allows export of call sheet data to Koala Call Sheets.

21. Element Blackout Dates

Specify blackout dates for elements such as Cast, Extras, Props, Costumes, etc.

22. Combine Elements

Ability to combine two elements into one master element.

23. Element Rates

Ability to enter rates for elements so that they can be imported into a linked budget.

24. Search Breakdown Sheets

Search across breakdown sheets for user-specified elements.

25. I/E and D/N Fields

Customize your own Int./Ext. and Day/Night fields.

26. Export Breakdown Sheets

Export breakdown sheets to a tab-separated text file for import into Excel.

1. Easy Access to Templates/Samples

Gorilla comes with over 50 budget templates and/or samples. Chimpanzee comes with a dozen templates and/or samples.

2. Industry-Standard Topsheet Structure

Easy to use dig down structure from the Topsheet, Account, and Detail level.

3. 4th Level

Create a 4th level of information (one below the Detail level). Using a simple map to import a properly-formatted Excel spreadsheet with quantities, amounts, and rates.

4. Schedule to Budget

Import Cast, Crew, and Elements directly from your schedule into detail line items, including occurrences in schedule and shoot days.

5. Color Code Lines

Color code category topsheet items or entire groups of production total

6. Import from Excel

Import a spreadsheet created in Excel to create a budget.

7. Globals and Global Groups

Create globals, save them in a group, save global sets to import into other budgets.

8. Groups

Ability to attach a group to any single or multiple detail line items, so you can include or exclude that group from reports. Color-code the group for easy display on the screen.

9. Fringes and Fringe Groups

Create fringes (percentages or flat rate per unit) and attach them to any detail line item.

10. Sets

Create and attach sets to any detail line item and include or exclude that group from the budget.

11. Tax Credits

Ability to enter tax credits for states and other locales and attach groups to tax credits.

12. Locations

Create and attach locations to any detail line item and include or exclude that group from the budget.

13. Currency

Create multiple currencies and conversions for any detail line item.

14. Ratebook Support

Supports The Gorilla Ratebook which includes over 13,000 union labor rates. Integrates seamlessly with quick and easy access to any detail line item.

15. Expenses Module

Complete Expenses module included, which allows creation of money accounts, entering and tracking expenses against budget account line items, and running budget balance reports.

16. Template Builder

Create your own templates with a chart of accounts and save that template for new budgets.

17. Block and Defer Line Items

Ability to block or defer detail line items from accumulated total and from printing.

18. Export Budget

Export topsheet, account, or detail level of the budget to an Excel file.

19. Contractual Charges

Support for contractual charges and contingencies by flat rate or by percentages.

Contact Manager
1. Actors and Crew

Create actors and crew for your schedule, with address, phone, e-mail information. Import headshots and cast actors to characters in the schedule.

2. Agents & Managers

Create agents/managers and attach actors and/or crew to show representation.

3. Core Contact Manager

Create one contact record, then attach that record to multiple categories including: actor, crew, or agent/manager, allowing one single point of creation or modification for that record.

4. Companies

Create companies (production houses, camera rental houses, editing labs, etc.) and attach existing contacts as personnel.

5. E-Mail Reports

E-Mail reports directly from the program. Create e-mail groups and send a report to a group of contacts. (Must use a non-browser e-mail program).

6. Import Contacts

Ability to import contacts from an external source (Excel file).

7. Import Contacts from another Schedule

Import contacts from another loaded schedule.

8. Ratebook Integration

Integration with the Gorilla Ratebook. Search for a rate, then click on it to automatically attach that rate to an actor or crew member.

1. Create Storyboard and Shots

Create a visual display of your storyboard using the built-in shot type images or import your own. Attach storyboards to scenes and re-order the shots on a drag and drop canvas.

2. Attach Elements to Shots

Attach characters and other scheduled elements directly to a shot.

3. Attach Equipment/Vehicles

Attach equipment and vehicles directly to a shot.

5. Setups for a Scene

Create multiple set-ups for each scene. Each set-up can have multiple shots.

1. Locations

Enter location name and street address info for each scene.

2. Location Photos

Arrange all your location photos by dragging and dropping them on the screen. Provide details for each location photo.

3. Scenes for Location

Attach scenes to each location making it easy to see where you are going to shoot which scene.

4. Auto Map

Use Gorilla's built-in access to Google Maps to show directions to each location.

5. Location Fact Sheet

Enter crucial location info such as availability, restroom, eating area, actor's area, parking, electricity, and much more.

6. Link Location to Set

Automatically link locations to set on breakdown sheets.





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