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Our happy customers have lots to say about StoryO...

“StoryO 2 makes getting the script done faster, easier and more fun than any other screenwriting program or software.” – A. Regan

“StoryO is an excellent aid to structuring your writing, and is flexible enough to suit your needs whether you just want to produce a quick storyline, or whether you like to go into the depths of characters, background, and story arcs. It can take you all the way from an idea through screenplay (or novel) to pitch.” – I. Lewis

“As a screenwriter, I am accustomed to working with walls of scribbles on paper. Thank you, StoryO 2 for helping me streamline my work, and inspiring me to ask questions about my own work that I wouldn't have thought of on my own!” – A. Auer

“StoryO 2 is easy to learn and fantastic product to use while creating your story. I love the ability to import and export to Final Draft.” – TA Shaw

“Writing is like cooking: the right ingredients combined the right way can lead to something magical...and the wrong ingredients combined the wrong way can be a huge time-wasting disaster. StoryO takes most of the headache of structure away and allows more of the creative process to be just that: creative. It lets you experiment and tweak to your heart's delight, helping you find just the right recipe to serve up an amazing tale. Organizing and improving your story is critical and StoryO makes sure it can be fun as well as productive.” – S. Bruffey

“StoryO is a well thought out piece of software, it's interactivity with the latest versions of Final Draft® and Gorilla™ make it an invaluable tool that will soon become a standard tool of the trade.”  - Robert B.

“Flexibility in the story outline is KEY to distinguishing this product from the others available on the market.  I like the idea of being able to "customize" the outline questions – every writer has his/her favorite paradigm.”  - Jane C.

“I really like the timeline and am training my brain to use the "Segments" as locations, "Sequences" as scene headings, and the "Index Cards" as individual paragraphs or points in every scene.  I like the feel of it as well, much more than Dramatica®.”  - Tim

“I started this project on Sunday and I'm already on page 27... I will also say that even though I don't use all the features of StoryO, the application did help me solve a number of conflicts in this project.  I also just used a word doc to organize my thoughts before but StoryO is turning out to be a real asset to me.”  - David M. (written on a Tuesday)

“For someone who writes as I do (organically, just sitting down and pounding the keyboard, scene by scene, with little in the way of notes or outlines), StoryO is a great find.  I have always been skeptical of "methods" regarding organizing your story. because they make me feel too hemmed in by decisions I made too early.  But at the same time, I spend many re-writes cleaning up issues that could have been solved simply, had I utilized a more clear-cut plan.  The way StoryO allows you to fill in bits of information as you are inspired allows a writer to move ahead, know that info can be available and cross referenced as necessary, without forcing you to be emotionally locked in, seems to be precisely what would work for me.”   - Jim B.

“I am having a blast with StoryO.”   - Nick A.

“I appreciate that StoryO is an open type of story software, without a heavy philosophy about how to create a story.”  - Miguel G.

“Really enjoying using StoryO so far. It's an excellent program.”  - John H.

“I have to say...for a beta version it worked quite well and provided me with the things I needed to make for a good pitch that has been sent out in first draft and returned to me with gold stars...now on to the next revision.”    - Marianne J.

“I'm a big fan of creating work quickly, I have little patience, so a tool like StoryO is very useful to take you from idea to full script.”   - John H.

“I can say I really like StoryO so far. Once it's released I'm going to suggest it to all of the beginning screenwriters I mentor. It's a genuinely useful tool.”   - Erika L.

“While I can't compare StoryO to other similar applications (if there are any), it is already on my list of "must-haves" when it becomes commercially available.”  - Jim B.

“I love StoryO's ability to channel my moments of inspiration, while giving the me the freedom to explore alternate paths and timelines.”   - Neil S.

“StoryO utilizes a unique, simple-to-learn yet feature-rich structure that makes creating and structuring a screenplay, teleplay, novel, or stage play intuitive.”  - Norman R.

“StoryO allowed me to input concepts, mix best practices, and produce professional scripts quickly.”   - Gordon L.

“I agree the ability to save and re-use various story outlines would distinguish StoryO from other products I have tried and discarded.”  - Carlos P.

“Having now created four projects (two new concepts and two based on current screenplays), I have to say I truly like the color-coding in all phases but especially in the Outline question categories. It makes keeping track of what I'm doing very easy and visual.”   - David M.

“I'm using it to create and outline a Meta Event. One of our core products. A project which exists in narrative form across various mediums all telling one story/myth.  Obviously I like the fact that a project can be broken down into its various strands. Very useful.”  - John H.

“With Story O I was able to juggle multiple Web Series and make episode script changes faster than I’ve done in the past.”    - Gordon L.

“The number one advantage?  The intuitiveness in using the tool.  ‘Designed by writers for writers.’  The number two advantage?  StoryO supplants my Word® and Excel® to provide a more elegant, digital solution.  And, it transitions to Final Draft®...  Keep up the great work!”       - Stan G.

“While using the familiar, traditional index card structure, StoryO adds noteworthy, elegant and helpful Timeline, Sequence, and Character modules that provide singular assistance to those trying to design and construct complex screenplays and stories.”   - Norman R.

“I just finished the first draft of a screenplay I plotted entirely from scratch in StoryO (the story occurred to me after the first beta release...). I found the process of writing the screenplay, which had an extremely complicated plot, helped in nearly every scene by information StoryO organized for me… I just wanted to tell the Jungle team how valuable the program is right through to the end of the first draft. Well done and many thanks!”   - David M.

“I first learned of StoryO on Jungle’s website.  Then I saw a preview by Aaton at the Apple Store in Santa Monica, a few weeks ago.  I told Aaton my first impression was, ‘Great. Another piece of software I don’t need and I don’t want to buy.’  Not so fast there, Gill.  Aaton gave me and another attendee a brief look into StoryO.  Well, to say as the Brits do, I was ‘gobsmacked.’  After all these years of notebooks and index cards, including stopover software solutions, there was an elegantly simple — digital solution — which actually had the writer in mind.    - Stan G

“StoryO is software that ‘doesn't get in the way’.  Being a ‘creative’ is hard enough, without having to learn to work within the confines of a software package designed by computer geeks.  This program simply flows and helps me to flesh out my ideas and make them better. I get to spend time on my story, not on having to get better at using a program.”   -  James. M.

"StoryO provides a variety of interrelated tools designed to develop concepts, characters, story, subtext, and plot lines, organizing them into one cohesive and much more interesting whole. By using the tools, the problem quickly changes from finding enough plot points to fill a story to figuring out which to leave out or use as backstory just to get the screenplay down to a manageable size.     – David M.

"I have used StoryO to take several screenplays from concept to complete first drafts in a very short time. I know the screenplays couldn't have been written as well or as quickly without it. I highly recommend StoryO to all serious screenwriters!"   – David M.

“For more than 20 years I have carried around colored and tattered index cards, scribbled with countless notes, as I developed screenplays. Now, with StoryO I can spend my valuable time more wisely on creative development, collaboration and writing — in a virtual environment — than on buying more markers and rubber bands. With StoryO’s intuitive interface and tools, you can concentrate efforts towards the most important part of story telling — the story.”              - Stan G.

“StoryO provides unequaled value and productivity for screenwriters looking for an intuitive and feature-rich story development and organization software program, and its ability to directly integrate and export its content with the industry-leading Final Draft’s newest Version 8 screenwriting software is of noteworthy added benefit and enhances the program’s productivity and utility.”    - Norman R.

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