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  FAQ:  What Is a Competitive Upgrade?

Q:  What is a competitive upgrade?
   A:  An opportunity for users of other eligible competing products to purchase Gorilla at a significantly discounted price.

Q:  Do I have to surrender or stop using my other software?
   A:  Absolutely not. Your old software still belongs to you. Use them both!

Q:  Why do I need to provide my competing software serial number?
   A:  We just need it to verify that you actually own a competing product.

Q:  I don't feel comfortable providing my entire serial number, is there some other way to verify?
   A:  Yes, you can opt to enter just the first 4 and last 5 digits of your serial number on your order, or you can contact us via email or phone if you would like to provide other proof of ownership.

  What Our Customers Are Saying

"I work as an Director Assistant and Director in several areas as films, citycons, advertising and political campaigns. Researching new programs, I found Gorilla and I was fascinated with the program. It’s amazing! I used to work with Movie Magic and I was fascinated with how Gorilla is more practical and easy to work. After this, even not having the possibility to use Gorilla, I started talking with people of my network about the program and no one never heard about it. For me this is incredible, I think that Gorilla is much better than Movie Magic (the program everybody uses here)."
  - Customer E-Mail

"Ah! wish I had known about Gorilla before buying MMS..."
  - Gorilla WebChat - Vancouver, WA

"Having used all three, and even though my good friends wrote MMS, I recommend Gorilla."
  - Comment on Online Film Budgeting Forum

"We use both. Gorilla is a far better software package, but our funding bodies in AUS require MM."
  - Gorilla WebChat – Australia

"I use both, and prefer Gorilla Budgeting as it's connected to Gorilla Scheduling without going in and out of two programs, for one thing. They are both very good. Most people use Movie Magic, I simply prefer Gorilla after having used it for several years."
  - Comment on Online Producer's Forum

"Hi there. I just got a new computer with Windows 10 on it and my Movie Magic absolutely refuses to work with it. Does your budgeting software work with Win 10?"
  - Chat - West Hollywood, CA
(btw, yes it does ;) )

"Got it, thanks so much! You guys are great! I am telling producers all the time to skip Movie Magic and go for Gorilla. Another story to add! :)"
  - Gorilla WebChat - Monterey Park, CA

"Thanks so much! And thanks for the continuing to provide truly exceptional customer service! You all are always the best!"
  - Customer E-mail


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