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gorilla budgeting

**Get Gorilla at a discounted price if you already own MMB**

Comparing Gorilla Budgeting 6 to Movie Magic Budgeting
Gorilla 6 $249 MMB $489
1. Budget Templates/Samples

Access to budget templates and/or samples.

2. Industry-Standard Topsheet Structure

Dig down structure from the Topsheet, Account, Detail and 4th level.

3. Auto Budget Builder

Create budget templates with your own accounting numbering system to use over and over again for each project.

4. Link Schedule to Budget

Import Cast, Crew, Elements, and Locations directly from your schedule into detail line items, including occurrences in schedule and shoot days.

5. Color Code Lines

Color code category topsheet items or entire groups of production total

6. Import from Excel

Import a spreadsheet created in Excel to create a budget.

7. Globals and Global Groups

Create globals, save them in a group, save global sets to import into other budgets (Saving Gorilla only).

8. Groups

Ability to attach a group to any single or multiple detail line items, so you can include or exclude that group from reports. Color-code the group for easy display on the screen.

9. Fringes and Fringe Groups

Create fringes (percentages or flat rate per unit) and attach them to any detail line item.(Movie Magic can create fringes but cannot group them or save them to load into another budget).

10. Sets

Create and attach sets to any detail line item and include or exclude that group from the budget.

11. Stripboard

Full drag and drop stripboard, including the ability to sort the board by multiple criteria, auto-add day breaks using a shoot day to scene ratio, insert banners for notes, move unwanted strips to a boneyard, and saving multiple boards.

12. Locations

Create and attach locations to any detail line item and include or exclude that group from the budget.

13. Currency

Create multiple currencies and conversions for any detail line item.

14. Tax Credits

Create tax credits for locales and states.

15. Ratebook Support

Supports the latest union Ratebook which includes over 13,000 union and labor rates integrated seamlessly with quick and easy access to any detail line item.

16. Expenses Module/Actualization

Complete Expenses module included, which allows creation of money accounts, entering and tracking expenses against budget account line items, and running budget balance reports.


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