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Screenplay Import Help

If you are having trouble importing your screenplay, please check all the following:

1. Make sure Java is installed.

Importing a screenplay in the .fdx file format (Final Draft) requires Java. Macs used to have Java installed automatically on their machines, but Apple removed the automatic installation of Java.

Download Latest Version of Java here.

For older versions of Gorilla (versions 6.2.2 and below and versions 5.6.2 and below), the legacy version of Java is required.

Download Java SE Legacy Runtime here.

Download Java SE Legacy Runtime for El Capitan/Sierra here.

2. Make sure the ScreenplayXML plugin is installed

After you installed Java, from the Gorilla pull-down menu select Preferences (for Chimpanzee select the Chimpanzee pull-down menu). This menu is at the very top left side of the screen next to the Apple. In the Preferences dialog box, select the Plugin tab.

You will see a list of called Enabled Plugins. Make sure they are all selected, but the one that enables .fdx screenplay import is called: ScreenplayXML. Check this box if it is not checked.

If you receive an initialization error, you have not installed the latest version of Java. Go back to Step 1 and download and install Java.

3. Importing the .sex file format

Another option, if you are still having trouble, is to import your screenplay in the .sex file format, which does not require Java.

Final Draft 10 cannot export to the .sex file format, but Final Draft Tagger can. This is a free program from Final Draft that comes with your Final Draft program. Open your screenplay in Final Draft Tagger and from the File pull down menu select Export to Schedule.

Movie Magic Screenwriter can export to the .sex file. To do this, open your screenplay in Screenwriter and from the File pull down menu select Export to Gorilla Scheduling. You can then import the .sex file into Gorilla or Chimpanzee.

If you need assistance converting your screenplay to the .sex file format, we can do it for you. Send us your .fdx file and in the Subject enter: Convert to .sex file.

4. Screenplay Formatting Errors

It is also important to format your screenplay properly for a successful import. Slug Lines must be tagged as Slug Lines (INT. HOUSE - DAY). Characters that have dialogue must be tagged as CHARACTERS, etc.

We have three short videos that explain how to properly format and import a screenplay into Gorilla/Chimpanzee.

Lesson 1: Preparing a Screenplay.

Lesson 2: Tagging a Screenplay.

Lesson 3: Importing a Screenplay.

If you still need more help, e-mail us at: support@junglesoftware.com.

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