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Gorilla File Recovery (version 4.0 - 4.9 only)

Recovery Instructions for Gorilla files that are reported as corrupted or damaged and requiring repair.

If Gorilla is closed improperly after a software or operating system crash or unexpected shutdown or power loss, it is possible that some of the .GOR files will become damaged or Recoverycorrupted. In some cases, Gorilla can automatically repair these corrupted files upon next launch. In other cases these files are damaged and must be recovered.

Most of the time, corrupted files can be recovered and all your data entered into Gorilla will be saved. Below are instructions on how to recover corrupted Gorilla Program files.

Please note that it is always recommended to save your schedules and budgets outside of Gorilla using the Save/Load feature. This will ensure that even if a corrupted or damaged file is not recoverable, a saved schedule file (.grs) or a saved budget file (.grb) can always be loaded into a fresh installed copy of Gorilla. Please refer to the Gorilla Guide about how to Save/Load schedule and budget files.

The Recovery process also automatically updates your copy of Gorilla to the most recent point version (i.e. if you are running Gorilla version 4.7, Gorilla will be automatically updated to 4.9 after the recovery process).

To recover and update your Gorilla Program, do the following:

  1. Go to our downloads page at: http://www.junglesoftware.com/support/downloads.php
  2. Download the Updater/Recovery Installer appropriate for your version of Gorilla.
  3. Run the Updater program. Select the Recovery option instead of the Updater option.
  4. The installer will ask you to locate your damaged Gorilla Program 4.x folder. THIS IS IMPORTANT. You must select the "Gorilla Program 4.x" folder which should reside inside your Gorilla Folder. "4.x" refers to the Gorilla version you have, where ".x" represents the point version (e.g. 4.2, 4.7)
  5. After the recovery is complete, you will be asked to locate a newly created "Temp Folder", which should be located inside the "Gorilla Folder". Select the "Temp Folder" to finish the process.
  6. When the recovery and update are complete, you will find a "Gorilla Program 4.x Repaired" folder inside your Gorilla Folder.
  7. Launch Gorilla from the Repaired folder and register it using your registration information.
  8. Please remember to update any shortcuts, aliases or icons in your dock to point to the repaired version of Gorilla.

If this recovery does not work, contact us. We might be able to recover your files for you.





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