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Installation Help

If you are having trouble installing or launching our software in your environment, please review the following tips for help:

1. Sharing & Permissions (Macintosh Operating Systems)

Check your Sharing and Permissions for the Program Folder and the Application icon.
Go to your Applications folder and locate the program folder you are having problems with (i.e.: Gorilla 6 or Chimpanzee). Select it once to highlight it. From the File pull-down menu select Get Info. On the bottom of the screen from the Sharing & Permissions section make sure all 3 Names are set to Read & Write.
Then unlock the LOCK (bottom right). Select the GEAR button with the little arrow on it (bottom right), and select “Apply to Enclosed Items”.

Do the same for the Application icon inside the program folder (i.e.: the Gorilla icon in the Gorilla 6.3.6 folder or the Chimpanzee icon in the Chimpanzee 2.0.1 folder). Make sure all permissions are set to Read & Write.

2. Install the Program in a Different Directory (Windows Operating Systems)

Jungle programs need to be in a directory with full Read and Write Access.
By default, they are installed in the root C:/ drive which usually allows full access. Try installing the program in a different directory (for example, the Documents folder, which should have full Read & Write access).

3. Remove the Application from the Dock (Macintosh Operating Systems)

Sometimes Gorilla or Chimpanzee will not launch from the Dock. Remove the icon from the dock and try to launch the program from the Applications folder. If it launches properly, do not put an alias of the program in the dock.

4. Trash FileMaker Preferences (Macintosh Operating Systems)

Try deleting relevant preferences.

Go to your Library (From the GO pull-down menu, hold down the SHIFT key (Sierra) or OPTION key (earlier OS versions) and select LIBRARY. In the Library/Preferences folder, select all files that begin with: com.filemaker and trash them.

5. Disable Anti-Virus Software

All Jungle programs require access to the internet to check registration. Anti-Virus software might prevent the program from accessing the internet. Disable any Anti-Virus software, or Allow the Jungle program to have full Read & Write access.

6. Restart Your Computer

After attempting all of the above, and the program still does not launch, restart your computer.

7. Reinstall Your Operating System

After attempting all of the above, and the program still does not launch, you can try reinstalling your operating system.

If you still need more help, e-mail us at: support@junglesoftware.com.

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