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What is StoryO™?

StoryO takes story organization to a whole other level! With StoryO, writers can enter ideas onto electronic index cards, rearrange and attach them to multiple sequences and timelines, then develop plot points, outline screenplays, organize novels, create historical timelines or any other project that needs to be outlined with sequences and index cards.

Designed for writers by writers, StoryO gives the writer a way to outline their story in broad strokes first, then flesh out details later. StoryO does not force specific writing methods, but instead allows each writer to design their own method and supports how they prefer to organize ideas and approach each story.

Want to outline your story in Acts? Chapters? Color-Code different segments? Easily drag and drop index cards between sequences? All can be easily accomplished with StoryO.


Timeline, Sequences & Index Cards

Drag and Drop sequences on the Timeline based on Scenes, Chapters, Acts, or any method that helps you outline your story.

Main Timeline View (iPad)
Expanded Timeline View (iPad)
Segments are color-coded, each block in the timeline is a sequence with one or more "scene" index cards attached. (iPad)
Index Cards by Sequence (iPad)
iPhone View #1
iPhone View #2
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