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Features Overview

Create, print, e-mail and text professional call sheets for film, television, and video productions. Choose from a variety of templates and customize the look and feel of your call sheets. Powerful and intuitive, Koala can be used for complex, professional studio films or for simple, student productions and everything in between. Koala can be run as a standalone product or integrated with Gorilla or Chimpanzee. Includes scenes to be shot, contact info for cast and crew, special notes and instructions, parking info, location requirements, call times, meal times, and more.



Use the calendar to select a shoot day. Then add scenes, crew, cast, call times, hospital, parking, and more to each calendar day.


Custom Entries

Add customized information such as radio channels, transport info and other requirements to each call sheet using a spreadsheet-style format allowing you to enter žorganized notesÓ for each call sheet.

custom entries

Shoot Day Details

Enter Scenes, Weather, Notes, Crew, Cast and more.


Email or Text Call Sheets to Cast & Crew

Easily e-mail call sheets to cast and crew directly from Koala Call Sheets or send text notifications to cast and crew with critical call sheet info, such as the time and location for the next shoot day.


Call Sheet Print-Outs

Choose from a dozen different templates and customize to fit your own production style or studio needs.

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