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Four Level Budgeting

Topsheet, Account, Detail, & 4th Level Budgeting
Makes it easy to organize your budget.



Attach fringes as Flate Rates or Percentages to any
detail line item, and organize fringes into groups



Create globals for rates and amounts. Save globals in groups and re-use in other budgets.

Add-Ons, Deferments, & Multiple Currencies

Add rates to production groups, defer line items, and use
multiple currencies within one budget.

Samples & Templates

Dozens of budget samples and templates from short film, documentary, independent, and studio templates.


Import Scheduling

Link a Gorilla Schedule and import crew, cast,
elements, and locations


Track Expenses

Track expenses against your budget and run a budget balance report.


Tax Credits

Enter tax credits for different locales, cities, and states, and attach credits to groups.

Ratebook Integration

Integrate with The Gorilla Ratebook and gain access to thousands of industry rates.


Training Videos

Over 30 training videos from importing a sample template
to creating globals to exporting a budget to PDF.


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