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Import your entire screenplay into Gorilla with Final Draft

Gorilla Scheduling has a special relationship with Final Draft. If you use Final Draft to write your screenplay, check out these features that will help you schedule your film or video:

  • Full import of the FDX file format: Final Draft's new FDX file format allows Gorilla Scheduling to import all the information from your screenplay. This means that the Synopsis field in Gorilla will have the first line of the ACTION in your screenplay.
  • Display Screenplay: Display the screenplay (the entire script or just the scene you are breaking down) right in Gorilla to help you breakdown your script.
  • Sync Screenplay: Made changes to your screenplay after you started Scheduling? With Gorilla 6, that's not a problem. Import your modified FDX file into Gorilla and import only the modifications keeping your scheduling information intact.

Other features like importing a tagged screenplay using Final Draft's Tagger allows you to import all tagged elements, such as Props, Costumes, Set Dressing, Special Effects and more.

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