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Features Overview

Meet Gorilla’s little cousin! Designed for low budget projects, web content providers and student or beginner filmmakers, Chimpanzee offers film scheduling and budgeting features at an affordable price.

With Chimpanzee, you can break down your screenplay into scenes, manage characters, props & other scene elements, keep info on actors and crew and create shoot days, shot lists and storyboards. Use Chimpanzee’s Import Screenplay feature to auto-create your scenes and import elements (characters, props, etc.) from your tagged screenplay.

When you’re ready for budgeting, choose from a variety of Chimpanzee’s budget templates or create your own, and easily link your budget to scheduling elements such as actors, crew and props.

Chimpanzee comes with over a dozen reports including scheduling breakdown summaries, call sheets, prop lists and shot lists and budget topsheet, account and detail reports.

Chimpanzee works seamlessly with the Gorilla Ratebook and Koala Call Sheets for even greater functionality and power.


Scheduling & Scenes

Import screenplays directly from your favorite screenwriting software including Final Draft® and Movie Magic Screenwriter™ or StoryO™ index cards to auto-create scenes & elements.  Manage actors, crew, props, costumes, set dressing, locations and other elements and attach them to scenes.


Shoot Days

Create shoot days and attach scenes, characters, crew & elements to shoot days. 


Scene Sorter

Once your Shoot Days are set, use the Scene Sorter to easily arrange scenes for each day with drag and drop action.


Storyboard & Shot List

Create a Storyboard and use the built-in shot library with the most common camera shot types to create a shot list for each scene.



Create and define Characters complete with illustrative head-shot (use built-in library of character headshots or import your own).


Actors & Crew

Store contact information for actors & crew and use it throughout Chimpanzee for scheduling and budgeting. Send text messages with call times or other notes directly to cast & crew.  



Manage props, costumes, set dressing, vehicles & more...



Industry-standard budgeting features with Topsheet, Account, and Detail levels. Print a variety of professional budget reports.


Import Scheduling Elements to Your Budget

Easily link a budget to a schedule to bring in actors, crew, and other element information along with shoot days & rates.


Integrate with Koala Call Sheets

Chimpanzee's features can be extended by using Koala Call Sheets to generate dozens of call sheet styles and print, email or text them to cast & crew.  


Integrate with The Gorilla Ratebook

Chimpanzee's Budgeting Module can be integrated with The Gorilla Ratebook to automatically insert union labor rates into your budget.

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