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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: If I purchase Chimpanzee, can I upgrade to Gorilla later?
A: Yes! Gorilla 6 can open a Chimpanzee Schedule and a Chimpanzee Budget. For upgrade prices please check our online store.

Q: Can Chimpanzee open a Gorilla Schedule or a Gorilla Budget file?
A: No. Gorilla saves Schedules and Budgets in its own format that cannot be read by Chimpanzee.

Q: Can Gorilla open a Chimpanzee Schedule or a Chimpanzee Budget file?
A: Yes, Gorilla 6 can open Chimpanzee files. Previous versions of Gorilla cannot.

Q: I am not sure which program is best for me? How do I decide?
A: Chimpanzee is designed for small projects. A good rule of thumb is to consider using it for projects that are under $50,000 in budget or under 15 shoot days. To determine which program is best for your production, review the comparison page which lists the major feature differences between Chimpanzee and Gorilla and download the free trials to test them out for yourself.

Q: What's the best way to get started learning Chimpanzee?
A: Chimpanzee is fairly intuitive so we suggest just opening it up and giving it a go. If you need some direction, you can always get help from within the program by clicking the icon on most screens to find out more about what you are looking at and how to use it. You can also watch free training videos on our website.

Q: Does Chimpanzee work with Koala Call Sheets?
A: Yes. You can export schedule data to Koala Call Sheets from Chimpanzee.

Q: Does Chimpanzee work with the Ratebook?
A: Yes. Similar to the way Gorilla works with the Ratebook, you can purchase the Ratebook add-on which allows you instant access to union labor rates from within Chimpanzee.

Q: Do you have a list of specific features that Chimpanzee and Gorilla have in common and what they do not?
A: Yes, we do. See the Comparing Chimpanzee and Gorilla page.

Q: How many computers can I install Chimpanzee on?
A: Chimpanzee is sold as a single-user license. You can install Chimpanzee on 2 computers at a time. You can always deauthorize Chimpanzee from one computer to free up an authorization in order to install it on a different computer.

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