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Free Storyboard Templates

Free Storyboard Templates

Create Shot Lists and Storyboards

Looking for a storyboard template? We have three options for you! Either download our set of 10 free storyboard templates below, use Gorilla Scheduling to create your Shot Lists and Storyboard, or download our brand new iOS app, Shot Monkey (coming soon).

It's really that easy.

If you are a student or a beginning filmmaker, or even a professional filmmaker, it's extremely handy to have these around. Computers and apps are great, but sometimes it feels really good for a Director or a Storyboard Artist to just get "down and dirty" with the Storyboard.

Sample of 3 Storyboard Templates (Portrait Mode)

Sample of 2 Storyboard Templates (Landscape Mode)

Available for FREE in PDF format, you can use these Storyboard Templates in any way you want!

Option 2: Use Gorilla Scheduling to create your Shot Lists and Storyboards

Gorilla Scheduling is not only about breaking down your screenplay and creating call sheets and shooting schedules. There is a complete Shot List and Storyboard module that allows you to create Setups for each Scene.

Shot List

This extra level allows you to be very specific about how many Setups are needed for each Scene. Other Storyboard programs assume that you have one Scene and then some Shots. Sorry. It doesn't work that way. A Director of Photography or a Camera Operator (and especially an Assistant Director) knows that you need multiple Setups for each scene.


The A.D. is also going to ask the D.P. how long each shot will take to shoot. You can specify the time it will take (of course this is an estimation) to shoot each shot. The Shot List and Storyboard module in Gorilla Scheduling also allows you to attach Cast Members, Extras, Props, Costumes (everything you ALREADY tagged in your screenplay in Gorilla.




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