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Film Credits and their Order

Guide to Film Credits Order Hierarchy (with Template)

Is this really important?

Yes! Especially if you are doing a union film. There are strict rules and guidelines on where to position each and every crew title in the films credits.

I was watching the Wizard of Oz the other day with my daughter. Back then there were a few cards for the credits and that was that. You think the Second Assistant Makeup Person got a credit back then? Ha! Probably not...\ There she was slaving away on that green make-up for the Wicked Witch of the West, day in and day out, and in the end what did she get? Well, I don't know, really. Maybe she got a credit.

Today, however, it is a completely different story. Most credits will appear at the end of the film. It is rare that even the TITLE OF THE MOVIE will appear in the beginning. Films just start. Not only that, theater go-ers will wait until the very last credit on "some" films to see if there is anything extra. You might be thinking that I am referring to The Avengers (or any other Marvel film), and you'd be right, but I remember very clearly waiting for all the credits to scroll by when sitting in the theater watching a James Bond movie just so I could see what film James Bond would return in!

Film (or Movie) Credit Template in Excel

So, we've put together a little guide on where film credits (or as the common movie-goer says) "movie credits" should go. If you're done reading this, just click the link above to get your free Film Credits/Movie Credits Template. Or, you can "Scroll down..." get it (as in movie credits....) It's not that bad is it? :) But, wait... here's some more very useful information coming about crew titles and their rates...

The Gorilla Ratebook

The Gorilla Ratebook

The Gorilla Ratebook - Thousands of Crew Titles and Rates

The Gorilla Ratebook is the premiere guide to get up-to-date crew rates. It includes union rates such as SAG, DGA, WGA, Local 399's, and dozens of other film unions. It is vastly superior to EP's Paymaster and Showbiz's Labor Rate Guide.

Over 13,000 Union Rates

The Gorilla Ratebook contains thousands of union rates. You can browse through them on your own, or if you have Gorilla Budgeting you can integrate the ratebook seamlessly. Just click on a crew title and the rate you need and it will pop into the detail level of your budget. It's as simple as that.

For a complete working demo of Gorilla Budgeting or The Gorilla Ratebook click here for Macintosh or here for Windows.

If you have Gorilla Scheduling, you can create crew lists for your schedule. With over a hundred crew titles and departments, just select the department and then the title to attach it to a crew member.

Attaching Crew Titles to Crew Members in Gorilla

Notice that in Gorilla, each department has a set of crew titles attached to it. In the above screenshot, the PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT has 12 Crew Titles attached, from Producer, Director, Production Manager, etc. If you select a different department, you would see a different set of crew titles.

Now, you are not limited to Gorilla's built-in lists. You can also create your own crew titles and departments.

When you are ready to print a crew list, just click the Quick Report button.

Creating a Crew List Report

Crew List Report by Department - Gorilla Scheduling

Any questions? I know this is a lot of information, but we here at Jungle Software can answer any of your questions about our products, or your inquiries about crew titles or union rates.

For a complete working demo of Gorilla Scheduling or Budgeting click here for Macintosh or here for Windows.



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