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Gorilla 6 Features, Improvements & Fixes

Gorilla 6.5.0 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Update] Gorilla 6.5 is compatible with Mac High Sierra (10.13).
2 [Update] Gorilla 6.5 is now a 64-bit application.
3 [Update] PDF E-Mailing enhanced. Can now e-mail any PDF file outputting from Gorilla, or any other PDF file .

Gorilla 6.3.5 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Enhancement] Storyboard Module modified with better viewing options and more stability.
2 [Update] Authorization grace period extended to 30 days.
3 [Bug] Stripboard Print Landscape option fixed.
4 [Update] Ability to import non-speaking (tagged) Characters from Final Draft.
5 [Bug] Import 4th Level (Save Budget and Duplicate Budget) is fixed.
6 [Bug] Print Breakdown Notes fixed.

Gorilla 6.3.0 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Enhancement] Added Copy/Paste to New Global .
2 [Bug] Fixed Add Cast Type in Elements.
3 [Bug] Sync Screenplay imported all elements into schedule. This has been fixed.
4 [Update] Fringe Display in Detail level now truncated to display up to 2 decimal points..
5 [Enhancement] Screenplay Plugin fixed to automatically download Java if needed.
6 [Bug] Celtx import now imports attached characters to scenes.

Gorilla 6.2.2 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Enhancement] Added Move Breakdown Sheets screen to Default Position and Reset Scheduling Windows.
2 [Enhancement] Added option to not import duplicate characters when adding a Final Draft screenplay to existing schedule.
3 [Bug] Breakdown Sheet Boxes – when specify a template from one of the six for all breakdown sheets it does not print all for that template. Fixed.
4 [Bug] Change Script Page in FDX to Page Number - enables import of Script Page.
5 [Bug] Find breakdown sheets finds current schedule, not all loaded schedules.

Gorilla 6.2.1 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Feature] Total Days Worked now displays in Actors Report.
2 [Bug] Total Days Worked now displays in Actors Report
3 [Bug] Fixed Report Labels for Actors & Crew module Quick Report.
4 [Bug] Fixed Quantity of Element display in Shooting Schedule report.
5 [Bug] When creating a new breakdown sheet from scratch and the current phase has been deleted, dev screen shows up and script is halted with Small window.
6 [Bug] Delete breakdown sheet from Element in Elements Manager fixed.
7 [Bug] Delete breakdown sheet from Element in Elements Manager fixed.
8 [Enhancement] Alert before adding all elements to current breakdown sheet.
9 [Enhancement] Added Preferences to Project Manager File pull-down menu to access standard FileMaker Pro Preferences.

Gorilla 6.2.0 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Feature] Support for the 2016-2017 Ratebook.
2 [Bug] Duplicate budget did not duplicate the Accounting module. Fixed.
3 [Bug] E-mail Detail budget fixed.
4 [Bug] Koala Export Fixed.

Gorilla 6.1.4 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Bug] Cast Member (Scenes) report fixed.
2 [Bug] Export Call Sheet (phones for cast and crew now export).
3 [Bug] Default Phone added to Contacts module.
4 [Bug] StoryO 2 Import Fixed (Build 76).

Gorilla 6.1.3 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Feature] Added Not Showing Topsheet Totals preference as another way to speed up going to the Topsheet.
2 [Bug] Upgrading from a previous version now upgrades Credits.
3 [Bug] Holidays field for Professional Budget changed from Number field to text field.
4 [Bug] Duplicate Budget (expenses) fixed.
5 [Bug] Loading a budget now loads saved Credits.

Gorilla 6.1.2 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Feature] Sort Categories added in Category List.
2 [Bug] Add Logo sometime did not work. This has been fixed.
3 [Bug] Delete Company Fixed.
4 [Bug] Contractual Charges now work properly in Recalculate Topsheet view.
5 [Modification] Build 67 Added column headers for Account level in budget for Paid/Variance columns.
6 [Bug] Build 67 Deferments did not total properly on Topsheet.

Gorilla 6.1.1 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Bug] Day 27 fixed on Day out of Days report.
2 [Bug] Duplicate schedule fixed.
3 [Bug] Navigation going to Credit Entry fixed.
4 [Modification] Disabled Unscheduled label on printing strips.
5 [Bug] Removed Pg Label on Banners printout.

Gorilla 6.1.0 Features & Improvements over previous versions

1 [Feature] New Duplicate Budget Feature. Allows a quick duplication of entire budget loaded into Gorilla Budgeting.
2 [Feature] New Move/Copy Detail Line Item to another Account.
3 [Feature] Location data can now be exported to a text file or Excel.
4 [Feature] Added Budget preference to all reports to print or not print Fringes, In Kind, Credits or Deferments.
5 [Feature] Changed estimated minute time on breakdown sheets to 5 minute increments.
6 [Feature] New and Improved Auto Recalculate Off. Speed up navigating through the budget with auto recalc off preference. New Lightning Bolt button on the Topsheet and preference in the Manager to turn off/on recalculcate feature.
7 [Feature] Preference to Show or Not Show Add-On total to Net Total.
8 [Feature] Shooting Schedule report now has an option to page break between Shoot Days.
9 [Feature] Two New Reports: Cast Breakdown for Scenes and Cast Breakdown for Shoot Days.
10 [Feature] Repopulate Other Board IDs improved with user-defined starting number.
11 [Feature] New Training Video: Day out of Days, Lesson 45.
12 [Bug Fix] Could not change a rate in the detail level of the budget if there is a global entered in that row. Fixed.
13 [Bug Fix] If you use a global on the amount of days then change it manually it does not compute the flat rate fringe charges. Fixed.
14 [Bug Fix] DOOD reports would not print more than 27 characters. This has been fixed.
15 [Bug Fix] Base currency was not saved in Save file. This has been fixed.
16 [Bug Fix] Disallow duplicating a crew title name within the same schedule.
17 [Bug Fix] There were two breakdown pull-down menus on the breakdown sheets screen. The first was was renamed to File to avoid confusion.
18 [Bug Fix] Another minor change in Location Photos. When deleting a record from the PHOTO LIBRARY, this will now delete the corresponding record(s) in SHOTS FOR LOCATION.
19 [Bug Fix] Cutoff field in create Fringe (Fringe Groups) was not enterable. This has been fixed.
20 [Bug Fix] Fringes did not save properly in the Save file. This has been fixed.
21 [Bug Fix] New Update Fringes for all Detail Line Items added under the Edit pull-down menu in the Detail level.
22 [Bug Fix] Production Total on last line disappears when Contractual Charge is added to the budget. This has been fixed.
23 [Bug Fix] Production Totals field is missing on Budget Balance report. This has been fixed.
24 [Bug Fix] Last save date and save time for budgets only appeared for the first budget in the list.
25 [Bug Fix] Page numbers on DOOD report were incorrect. This has been fixed.

Gorilla 6.0.4 Features & Improvements over previous versions