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What is StoryO?

StoryOBoxStoryO™ takes story outlining and idea organization to a whole new level.  Designed by writers for writers, StoryO allows you to outline your story in broad strokes, jot down raw notes and ideas, flesh out details and then put it all in story order when you’re ready.

Use StoryO’s built-in story outline template or create your own outline topics and questions to suit different types of writing projects.  Enter events, scenes, notes and ideas onto electronic index cards.  Add text, characters and images to index cards to add even more detail then rearrange and attach them to timelines to develop the structure of your story.

StoryO is a great tool for aspiring and professional writers, students, bloggers, journalists and technical writers.  Use StoryO for screenplays, stage plays, novels, short stories, webisodes, essays, term papers, non-fiction works, and more!

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For more info and screenshots, check out the Features page.

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Feature Highlights

 Story Outline – Outline your story with a built-in, standardized set of topics and questions, or create custom sets of topics and questions to use as you experiment with different types of projects.

Timeline – Create story timelines with color-coded segments and break them down into sequences.  Drag and drop sequences to re-order the timeline, then save each sequence to create multiple versions of a timeline.

Index Cards – Use index cards to record scenes, events, plot points and other details.  Resize, arrange and save them in various orders within a sequence.  Attach pictures and characters for even more detail.

Character Development – Create a library of characters, including profile and background information, artistic renditions and more.  Comes with over 50 built-in character images - from hero to villain and everything in between.

Presentation – Present your story using pre-formatted slides.   Display elements from index cards and include captions, characters and images.

Reports – Print over a dozen reports to help you visualize your story from multiple angles

Export – Export your screenplay to Final Draft®, Movie Magic Screenwriter™ or Microsoft Word®.  Export pre-production story elements to Gorilla™ film production software and export standard-formatted story information to any word processor.

For more info and screenshots, check out the Features page.


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